Photo: statue in Rydal Hall grounds.

Mountains & Rivers at Rydal Hall

Mountains & Rivers at Rydal Hall

27th September 2019

On Friday we had a special visit from Ambleside Primary School Years 5 & 6. As part of their studies on “Mountains & Rivers” they were looking at the question ‘where does water come from?’

It was a very rainy day. The children walked up from Ambleside, arriving at Rydal at 10:30, where they had a well-deserved snack of traybakes and juice in the Old Kitchen. After that, they followed Daf from the Estates Team on a tour through the Formal Garden and Quiet Garden down to the Grot where they were able to see the high level of water coming down the waterfall. After that they walked back past the campsite to look at the hydroelectric turbine, where Daf and Sim explained how we use water to create electricity. The children also visited the site of Rydal’s original hydroelectric turbine, which was in use in the 1920s. The children were very interested in the topic and took the chance to ask lots of questions!

After a quick visit to the Ice House (AKA the Cave of Spiders), the group made their way back to the Old Kitchen to dry out slightly in time for the walk back to school.

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