Photo: Rydal Beck

Eco activities at Rydal Hall

Our objective is to make Rydal Hall a place of exemplar environmental practice. Our activities are being carefully and mindfully managed to minimize their effect on the environment. We believe that taking small steps, accumulatively can lead to a significant change.

Currently we:

  • produce our own electricity through our hydro scheme. This produces up to 500Kw of energy which powers the Hall, and the surplus is fed back into the local network – enough for around 400 homes. Electricity has been produced at Rydal since the 1920’s. The current turbine was installed in 2015.
  • have our own private fresh water supply, taken from Rydal Beck, providing water to all buildings east of the beck.
  • have a solid action plan for the continued removal of the invasive Rhododendron, which can be seen all around the estate.
  • are continually looking for ways to curb our use of plastic and packaging. We also encourage proper recycling to minimise landfill as much as possible.
  • only use environmentally friendly products in housekeeping.
  • source our kitchen produce from local suppliers only, reducing the miles our food travels.
  • produce our own compost from kitchen and garden waste.

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As part of our eco activities, Rydal Hall has joined the Refill movement by adding three water stations to help prevent plastic pollution at source. Whenever you walk through our grounds, you can refill your water bottle for free at any of our water stations - the Tea Shop, the outside tap opposite the Stable Cottage and the sinks outside the campsite shower block. If you are walking nearby just look us up on the Refill app and you will find us :)