Photo: the chapel at Rydal Hall, Ambleside


Rydal Hall Chapel was originally the study of the house and the bevelled glass doors give a clue to this by opening straight on to the terrace. Since the diocese have used Rydal Hall this room has been the chapel.

It is perfectly positioned being at the heart of everything that happens. Opening out onto the entrance hall it is a visible sign of the Christian basis on which hospitality is offered. The Chapel has to be passed to get to the dining room, which in itself is a reminder of the need for spiritual as well as physical sustenance. Of greatest importance though is the Chapel’s prayer, both explicit and implicit. People use this ‘thin place’ to pray many times in the day, not just at the formal services. It is a quiet space that welcomes all and its peace is a spiritual well for all who are spiritually thirsty. The Chapel is the ‘heartbeat of Rydal Hall’.