Photo: statue in Rydal Hall grounds.

Water Bottles - 100% Recyclable Made From Sugar Cane

Water Bottles - 100% Recyclable Made From Sugar Cane

1st September 2019

As part of our environmental ethos we, at Rydal Hall, are trying to eliminate plastic as much as we can. Therefore we no longer sell plastic water bottles in our Tea Shop or include them in our packed lunches. Instead, we have specially commissioned drinking water bottles made entirely from sugar cane and emblazoned with our logo.

We have partnered with and have two water stations. One is located in the Tea Shop and the other is opposite the Coach House (holiday cottage). You are more than welcome to refill your water bottle as many times as you need.

These new drinking water bottles are 100% recyclable, responsible and earth-friendly and are available from both our Tea Shop and the main Hall for only £5.00.

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