Photo: statue in Rydal Hall grounds.

Nan Stewart’s 100th birthday!

Nan Stewart’s 100th birthday!

14th October 2018

This weekend we were proud to welcome Mrs Nan Stewart, from North Berwick, and four generations of her family. They chose Rydal Hall as their venue to celebrate her 100th birthday because Nan has enjoyed many years holidaying in the Lake District over the years.

Nan was born on the approach to Armistice Day in 1918 and told us stories of times very different to today. Even though she left full time education at the age of 14 she went on to become a qualified primary school teacher. At a time when only single women were permitted to be primary teachers, Nan became the first married woman in Dundee to be allowed such a status.

Photographs of her decorated the Drawing Room and a slideshow ran in the background for all to see Nan’s life over the last century. Fifty-five members of Nan’s family gathered from the UK and USA, with the youngest only four years old. They sang, danced and played party games while enjoying a buffet in the Old Kitchen and toasted Nan with prosecco and three birthday cakes.

 “I’ve had such a lovely time and felt at home here. The food was delightful. It is so lovely to see all the family together because we don’t see everybody that often. I will be telling all my friends at home about the party and how kind the people are in the North of England and tell them they should come visit.”

We wish Nan and her family all the best and hope they continue to build many happy memories together. We hope to see them again in the future.

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