Photo: statue in Rydal Hall grounds.

Forest Bathing at Rydal Hall Woodlands

Forest Bathing at Rydal Hall Woodlands

21st January 2020

‘Forest bathing’ is a new wellbeing trend, inspired by the Japanese art of ‘Shinrin-yoku’, which literally translates as ‘taking in the forest atmosphere’.

This practice can be as simple as walking in any natural environment whilst consciously and intentionally connecting with what is around you.

Take the sculpture path behind our Tea Shop. With the beck on your right, walk up through the woodlands and then step onto the wooden bridge. Stop for a moment and take in the magnificent power of the water running below you.

Carry on up the path with the beck now on your left. Rydal’s woodland extends up through Hagg Wood to the lower slopes of the Fairfield Horseshoe. Keep walking uphill, connecting with nature. Listen to the sound of the birds, enjoy the feel of the fresh air on your face and the sun striking through the trees. Take the opportunity to breathe deeply, de-stress and simply immerse yourself in the forest setting.

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